The human race is developing at an ever increasing rate. The cognitive revolution enabled a new way of development where our culture and technology is evolving alongside us without the limitations of the physical body. Is there a point where we can see these human products as a life form of their own? With the promises of artificial intelligence, will these processes start to evolve without our human supervision? With these questions in mind I started Life Disc where I created my own artificial life form by simulating the algorithm of evolution in a digital ecosystem. The Life Disc a giant petri dish. A digital aquarium where the viewer can add his or her own image of a digital species with its own habits, powers and weaknesses. Each individual will do its best to eat, sleep and reproduce and as the disc gets more crowded a different balance of species will arise between the critters competing with one another to get to the top of the food chain. The result is a spectacle of hunting and being hunted in an environment that is never the same and always keeps evolving. The installation will be exhibited at the following expositions: September 2018
* October 2018
* * *
September Me Festival in Amersfoort Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven Den Bosch Data Week in 's-Hertogenbosch